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What we’ve been up to… Dante Fried Chicken’s Weekend London Cookout at 18 Hewett Street

Crowd at Protein 18 Hewett Street

Crowd at Protein 18 Hewett Street

Nowadays it seems the capital can’t get enough of pop-ups and American food – so put the two together and unsurprisingly, you get a sellout weekend like Dante Fried Chicken’s Weekend London Cookout. Hosted over two days (with only two dinner and a lunch service on Sunday), a select number of attendees paid £25 for a gorgeous three-courser courtesy of LA’s Dante Gonzales, the award-winning chef behind Dante Fried Chicken and  the Taco Shack that swept into London last September (2011).



Dante’s philosophy is to trot the globe and celebrate good music, art and food – and he didn’t disappoint with this latest ride or fry event. Check out our snaps and thoughts below; we particularly loved the moreish smoked cheese grits with shrimp,  the sock-it-to-me-chicken and coconut spice waffles with Apricot glaze – delish!

Black Eye Pea Hummus Endives
Andouille Cinnamon Corn Bread with Honey Butter
Shrimp with Smoked Cheese Grits


The andouille twist masked an obvious cinnamon tang we’d hoped for in the cornbread – but the cheesy grits were absolutely superb, while the black eyed peas and hummus combo worked a treat.

Sock-It-To-Me-Chicken or
Warning-Tastes-Like-Chicken Tofu
On top of Coconut Spice Waffles served with Apricot Crack Glaze
With Cucumber Corn Ginger Salad & Crispy Leek Deviled Eggs


The fried chicken was excellent and the obvious highlight of the main, followed closely by the coconut waffles and devilled eggs. The flavours were distinctively Asian too which worked superbly.

21MC Choco Cherry Pie


This conclusion was a little modest – but who were we kidding? We were stuffed after the main, and appreciated such a sweet treat to call lunch a wrap!

For drinks, we also enjoyed Hennessey ice tea slushies… £2 for non-alcoholic, £4 for the original.

Ice tea slushies

For more info about Dante Fried Chicken, visit



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