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Sometime you should serve… tartines aka the open sandwich

I stopped buying bread at some point last year. I can’t remember why, exactly, but I think the combination of stepping up my fitness with keeping an eye on my nutrition somehow equated to me thinking – bread? BAD. Very bad. But that’s not necessarily true, especially if you don’t have it often, which is why I’ve decided to bring bread back for 2015. Not just any kind of bread mind you, but like multi-seed, super-duper, “healthy-ish”, fancy-pants bread – and it has to play a good part in the meal. This led me to think about the tartine – which is the French way of describing an open sandwich. I love ’em every time I pop into Le Pain Quotidien, and reckon they’re a great idea for brunch or a way of using
up spare ingredients at home. Also, they’re so easy and uncomplicated – I mean, you can make a sandwich look hella sexy, the tartine way! A few weeks ago, I created a chicken and avocado tartine using home-made mayo (note: if you haven’t made your own mayo, you must – so easy!) , ketchup, hot sauce, avocado, a good quality bread from Tesco that I toasted and left over oven fried chicken thighs I sliced up. I think it deserves an encore (lol) especially as I kind of made it up, but I’ve since been on the hunt for other ideas for tartines and will work my way through the following:

  • Steak tartine sandwich – For the carnivores like me! Sourdough bread sounds delish, along with the garlic aioli and caramelised onions. Courtesy of Chef Spike Mendelsohn
  • Open prawn sandwich – Came across this on the Jamie Oliver recipe network and liking the idea of zucchini (orcourgettes), rocket, mushroom and prawns.
  • Arugula and goat’s cheese tartine – My best friend is a vegetarian, so I think she’d love this. You can’t go too wrong with goat’s cheese either in my book.
  • Hot tartines This is less of a recipe but more ideas for tartines, from the New York Times

FullSizeRender (3)   Do you love tartines too? Any recipes you recommend?

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