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Somewhere you should go… Hula Schoola at Queen of Hoxton

Hula hooping may sounds like something you mastered back in the playground age 7, but quite frankly, you probably don’t know the half of it. The modern hula hoop is attributed to an inventor in 1958 but believe it or not it goes much further back in history. It features in a Native American hoop dance (often with 30 hoops at once!) and it also appears in records dating back to the 14th century, where a metal hoop craze took hold. Yes, our inner twirlers and spinners have been around for centuries and it looks like once again we are embracing this child-like urge to whirl as the hoop gets a hold on us.

If you have the urge, there’s a Hula Workshop on Sunday, 22nd June where you can perfect your hip movements and work up a six-pack of steel, but without the boring bits of gyms, treadmills and expensive equipment. The class is taking place at the Queen of Hoxton in Shoreditch and costs a mere £12 for 90 minutes of laughs and hip swaying to head on the right road to washboard stomach (so we hear anyway).


The lady in charge, Marawa the Amazing, will be teaching you the ropes – and if you think you’ve  seen her pretty face before you’re not suffering from déjà vu or sleep deprivation.  No, this lady’s skillz have been broadcast on Britain’s Got Talent, and if Cowell gives the green light, you know she’s got to be good.

If you need even more convincing about the skill of your teacher then just get a load of this: 130 hoops at once… now that’s a lot of hoop to twirl at once. Inspiring stats like this are enough to get any adventurous mind boggling and eager to get involved… doesn’t it? (Words: Laura Thornley)

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