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Something you should see… With A Conscious Eye

The great Euriphides once said that experiences and travel were as “education in themselves” – so throw photography in the mix and you’re pretty much getting a degree in life.  That’s the beauty of travel photography: its ability to document the world through stories of people, cultures and landscapes, giving the viewer new knowledge to take away – and this is exactly what you get when observing the work of David Constantine, Nick Danziger and Justin Partyka, three of the UK’s leading contemporary photographers.

Pic: Nick Danziger

Pic: Nick Danziger

A cross-section of their works are presented in a new exhibition With A Conscious Eye: An Exhibition of Three Photographers, where they’re offering powerful insights into the communities they’ve visited on their travels.  The award-winning Danziger, for instance, captures Hindu pilgrims during one of the largest religious gatherings in history, while you’ll find Partyka presenting the remains of an agragrian community in East Anglia.  Constantine’s work goes even further: confined to a wheelchair since the age of 21, his photos of people in developing communities recovering from conflict are taken from a unique perspective – and the final results are nothing short of incredible. This is a rare opportunity to see travel photography at its finest with a clear photojournalism edge, so prepare to be enlightened.

With A Conscious Eye – An Exhibition of Three Photographers: David Constantine, Nick Danziger and Justin Partyka will be on view at Osborne Samuel gallery from 4 – 21 December. For more info, visit:

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