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Something you should see… Unsung

Wilton’s Music Hall is fast becoming a hotbed of multicultural events, which is always music to the ears of the arty urban adventurer. Its popularity is certainly helped by its stunning set up and historical backdrop and if you haven’t made it there yet, the new production Unsung will be a good excuse to take the plunge.

Based on the short story Punishment by Rabindranath Tagore, one of India’s most famed writers, the tale traces a brother and their two wives and the knock on effects of one fateful incident. The tale is reworked by Ayndrilla Singharay, a young emerging talent on the London theatre scene and was first aired at the Tagore festival back in June.


The tale touches on all kinds of nerves with its provocative storyline. Originally thought to speak allegorically of  British colonial rule, the story reflects the oppression and defiance found in other contexts too. And, perhaps this is what appeals to Singharav,  a keen activist working with organisations that work to end violence against women and girls. The overwhelming storyline certainly addresses the oppression and struggle that Indian women are up against in a patriarchal society. But, there are deeper issues too such as the value of family, how far people will go for loved ones and the power of silence.

This modern take on a play over 100 years old emphasises the timeless writing of the Nobel Prize winner Tagore. Reworking the story is no mean feat, but Singharav has achieved success to almost resounding applause. A great script and powerful acting, this is an interpretation of a classic we think you shouldn’t miss. (Words: Laura Thornley)

On November 18th. For more info visit:

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