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Something you should see… Confiscation Cabinets at V&A Museum of Childhood

I was one of the lucky ones who avoided the horror of having my stuff confiscated when I was at school.   We all knew that if  a teacher took your beloved property with the promise of giving it back at the end of the day,  there was a slim chance of that happening – and judging from the 250 plus items that feature in this new exhibition at the V&M Museum of Childhood, we weren’t wrong.



Teacher and artist Guy Tarrant recovered forgotten knick-knacks from over 150 state schools in the capital and they make up this intriguing retrospective.  Many of the items – like the Gameboy, treasure troll  and friendship bracelets – might just bring back heartwarming memories, while the homemade bomb and air pistol are more of a chilling reminder of why teachers need to lay down the law. Still, it all makes quite a fascinating statement about pupil deviant behaviour over the last 30 years (and who knows, you might just recognise something of your own!)

On from 9 November to 1 June 2014.  For more info, visit:

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