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Something you should see… Little Revolution

Playwright Alecky Blythe has an orthodox style when it comes to getting her stage production storylines together. Unlike the traditional form of playwriting – pencil and paper and a vivid imagination – she instead takes her starting point as a real life event, one you’ve probably heard of in the news. She then embarks on a journey to interview and to draw out the story of the people this real life event is affecting. She records their stories with a Dictaphone and the play stems from here. Little Revolution is no different, taking this same style of verbatim theatre. Using the London riots of summer 2011 as her starting point, Blythe has created an atmospheric theatre production that traces events from the days the trouble began up until the present day aftermath. revolution The success of Blythe’s previous verbatim theatre production sets her latest play up to be something very special indeed. London Road took its starting point from the small town of Ipswich where the bodies of 5 women where found. It follows the residents of the street that had struggled to deal with the presence of curb crawling and how they dealt with being at the epicentre of these dreadful crimes. The play received critical acclaim, 5-stars across the critics review and won Best Musical at the Critics Circle Award. Having interviewed participants, residents and onlookers of the London riots Blythe has enlisted actors to play each individual. The actor embodies and quotes their real life counterpart, verbatim. The finished article is an extraordinary form of documentary theatre. A fascinating, creative way to deal with the latest, most dramatic news events as they unfold. Not to be missed. (Words: Laura Thornley) On from 26th August – 4th October. For more info visit:

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