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Something you should serve… Hemsley + Hemsley muffin frittatas

It was only a matter of time before cooking made its way onto TCé! I’ve recently been keeping busy in the kitchen, thanks to a birthday gift from friends who rallied together to get me The Art of Eating Well by sisters Melissa and Jasmine Hemsley. I spent

a solid week trying out everything from smoothies to cauliflower mash and I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty fabulous book, featuring a broad range of creative and tasty recipes. It’s also a good look for those trying to kick the refined sugar habit – like me! – or lower their carb intake. My favourite recipe so far is for the muffin frittatas. It’s easy to make, looks and tastes gorgeous and costs hardly anything to whip up – plus, if you’re inviting friends around for brunch, this would go down a treat (although I’m planning on giving it a Jamaican twist by serving it with ackee and salfish next time I give it a whirl). Check out the recipe on the Daily Mail website, and for more details about the book visit   photo