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Something you should see… Emma Hart: Dirty Looks at Camden Arts Centre

Working in a call centre can leave a plethora of scars. Nev’s Swansea call centre on the BBC may look like a chipper place but it barely hints at every other person’s experience of the cold calling life. Artist Emma Hart draws on her first hand experience of call centre humiliation and embarrassment and puts it to good use: as inspiration for her art work. This latest instalment from Hart consists of new sculptural works combining photography, video and ceramics. Dirty Looks attempts to alter the gallery space from contemplative order to the chaos of the real world. Foregoing the tradition of the gallery as an opportunity to make sense of the world, Hart positions the audience amongst the stress, nausea and chaos of the everyday lives they thought they had escaped from. Emma Hart Crudely made tongues protrude from furniture and other mundane objects, skilfully placed water coolers and office supplies are out of place and reminders

of our raw fractured lives. At its core, Hart’s work deals with the fundamentals of the lens. She employs sculptural techniques to challenge images and videos, injecting a different life into them. Sounds dominate the space, and escapes from ceramic infused imagery. Expect the unexpected. Hart has been on the art circuit for a few years now having shown at Cell Project Space, Stanley Picker Gallery and Modern Art Oxford. But, her most notable show was critically acclaimed TO DO at Matt’s Gallery in 2011. This new show is highly awaited and is sure to be a feast for the eyes… if a little trying for the stomach! (Words: Laura Thornley) On from 26 July 2013 – 29 September 2013. For more info visit: