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Something you should see… BBKP: D Eye Y at Pump House Gallery

D Eye Y

It’s an oft-quoted statistic that more photographs were taken in the twelve months of the year 2011 than in the entire history of photography put together. Inevitably our delight and amazement at being able to by capture, fix and keep an image on paper has diminished since the invention of the photograph. Four-man artist collaborative BBKP create work that resurrects those feelings. D Eye Y, their new exhibition at Pump House Gallery, showcases some of their off-the-wall approaches to image making. BBKP comprises four artist-inventors: Nathan Birchenough, whose previous projects have included making a cardboard Viking boat (which he rode triumphantly down a canal for a full five minutes), Nicholas Brown, a natural-born carpenter of scrap and found materials, Craig Koa, who looks to process and learning and Savvas Papasavva, the techno-whizz of the group who is interested in the mechanics of film-making. Together with brilliantly boyish excitement they spend their days spraying, sticking, stapling and sawing any materials they find, converting them into bespoke cameras which record the world in

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