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Somewhere You Should Go: Teen Dreams Prom at The Book Club

The Book Club

I’m one of those people that retailers love –  give me a holiday or event and I will buy decorations, bunting, cards and decorate cakes accordingly, but Valentine’s Day I have never got into. As someone who celebrated National Hugging Day and Christmas Jumper Day, even for me it never quite worked. But whether I like it or not February 14th  is fast approaching – so here’s you chance to embrace the soppiness of it all by heading to The Book Club for their very first Teen Dreams Prom.

The Book Club

Having been to previous Book Club events, it’s their attention to details that makes their nights so amazing – so here, you can  come dressed up as your favourite teen movie stereotype to spend ‘seven minutes in heaven’, tell your ‘one time at band camp’ stories to win prizes and play beer pong in true American film fashion. There is even the chance to vote for Prom King and Queen (maybe it will be you?) So get your tiara on and indulge in the Mac N Cheese and Chicken Wings  and grab one of their specially created cocktails. For all you singletons out there, the My Milkshake Brings All The Boys To The Yard (a strawberry variety with creme de framboise, vodka and whipped cream) sounds like it might just do the trick! (Words: Lucy Palmer)

Teen Dream Prom takes place on February 14th.  For more info, visit:


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