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Somewhere you should go… Shoreditch Festival 2013

Shore’s ditch – the area named after Edward IV ‘s lover Jane Shore’s final resting place, courtesy of him of course – has long since left its reputation as an east end body dumping ground and is now frequented by arty adventurers, not so dissimilar to yourselves. Filled with concept companies, innovation and some pretty good vintage shops, the area has developed into a magnet for all creative types across the globe.


We like to take it as a given that arty adventurers love a good festival: sunshine, drinks, live music mixed with a bit of street food – that’s the stuff the arty summer is made of. Naturally, Shoreditch does street festival like no other and now in its 12th year, th Shoreditch Festival is going from strength to strength.

shoreditch festival
You may remember from last time that this was a great mix of street theatre, food, art exhibitions and music. For 2013 you can expect similar stuff with a little more umph for good measure. Saturday is the arty day and is filled with street dance, circus acts, and street theatre shows. On Sunday the festival becomes more musical, with local and international acts. The Barbican drummers will be making an appearance as well as jazz star Iva Lamkum and South Africa Shangaan Electro. There will also be the People Speak’s talkaoke: a chance to get that niggling ideas off you chest. Or, just have a good old winge!

The festival is free to attend but you can even make a donation to help the organisers claw back some of the costs. So dig deep if you want this kind of thing to continue! (Words: Laura Thornley)

On July 13th and 14th. For more info visit: