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Something you should do…Ping!

While we’ve had our fill of Wimbledon and women’s footie (go girls!) another sport is soon set to sweep the nation: Table tennis!

The fabulous Ping! – a celebration of all things ping-pong – returns to London for a unique free launch event on July 4th, off the back of 2010’s massive season which saw 100 tables set up across the city.  This time, the Ping Pong Parlour bus – a mobile ‘table tennis social club’ – will briefly park in London before heading to the cities of Birmingham and Hull. There, residents of both areas will get to experience a whole calendar of bat-swinging and ball-pinging events: from 100 ‘Stop and Play’ tables across both cities, to ping pong jugglers, creating your own bat and even taking on the table tennis professionals in real ‘Beat the Champ’ tournaments. But fear not Londoners – Canary Wharf Ping! be holding events throughout the month – so all bankers will get a chance to do some batting too.

So what are you waiting for? Dig out those ‘70s style shorts, dust off that grimy cotton headband and make like you’re in Air’s ‘Kelly Watch the Stars’ video. Ping Pong is “officially” the new tennis! (Words: Aoife Moriarty)

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