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InterNational: Sydney | photos by Rob Grimes

© Rob Grimes

Birmingham might be the birthplace and current home of photographer Rob Grimes, but his job takes him all over the country, as he’s currently a soldier with the Armed Forces. It’s given him access to countries most people may never get a chance to visit (Iraq and Afghanistan), while allowing him to document his life spent in places such as Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Kenya and the US. He’s since set up his own photography business on the side, shooting weddings, portraits and travel and expedition photography – as as a fully qualified expedition leader, he’s snapped his adventures along the Inca Trail, the Alps and the Himalayas.

The Destination: Sydney, Australia

“Australia has always been somewhere I wanted to visit; I heard so many stories from friends who had either travelled or emigrated there, and after a friend moved there this year, I booked my ticket, packed my bags and charged the camera batteries for a 3 week adventure to Whyalla, Adelaide and Sydney (including Manly Wharf). You only realise how vast Australia really is once you’re there – and three weeks wasn’t enough to be able to take in the history and culture of the place!”

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