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InterNational: Bali, Japan, Korea, Malaysia | Photos by Anya Dennis

Photographer, educator and global citizen Anya Dennis is a native of Philadelphia and photographed her first subject at age 18. While attending Clark Atlanta University, she travelled to Ghana, West Africa in 1997; this experience gave her the opportunity to create images that reflected Africa’s complex cultural and geographical terrain – and it was this journey that gave birth to her passion for photography. In 2000, while conducting research in Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel and Brazil, Anya used photography to explore religion and its impact on society. Her zest for teaching and the inspiration she draws from photography led her back to Africa in 2003 to teach English in the small village of Abbiyi Addi, expanding her photography portfolio. Today, Anya continues to shoot real life subject matter around the world and her published work can be found in Free Magazine and Souls: Critical Journal of Black Politics, Culture and Society (vol.). l.

The Destinations: Bali, Japan, Korea, Malaysia

“Astonished by her beauty, I was intrigued with Bali’s ethereal landscapes, vivid colours and ancient spiritual practices. As for Malaysia, it’s rich culture and ancient customs sparked my interest, while Japan lured me with her colourful cultural, traditional and social norms. Korea’s remarkable palaces and temples attracted me to this unique country, which is heavily rooted in Confucianism and Buddhism.”

Click here to see Anya’s images on our Tumblr and click here to read her travel tips to Bali, Japan, Korea, Malaysia!


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