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InterNational: Zanzibar | Photos by George Foote

© George Foote

21-year-old photography student George hails from Maidenhead, near Reading (UK). He first got into photography when he was an eight-year-old, after taking his first film of photos on a disposable camera – and by the time he discovered some of his father’s black and white images at the age of 14, he was hooked. He’s currently studying Photography and Digital Design at Bath Spa University, and believes travel photography gives him a new perspective, adding: “It’s easy to discover new things in a foreign place but sometimes difficult to find something new to photograph in your home city.”

The Destination: Dar Es Salaam & Zanzibar

“I was particularly interested in photographing Dar Es Salaam & Zanzibar in East Africa for the simple reason that it would be so different to anything I had shot before. I was looking forward to being completely out of my comfort zone and seeing how I would interpret it through my camera. Would I focus on poverty, people, or my own personal experience of the place? I ended up doing all three.”

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