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Something you should do…Boot Camp

I am in a ridiculous amount of pain right now. I’d call it a Level 7; Level 15 being what I’d imagine Evander Holyfield felt after Mike Tyson snatched a chunk of his ear, and Level 20 being kinda of like running towards a speeding bus and surviving while a cyclist rides over your face for good measure. Just think about it. Ouch, oui? Oui.

Yet, for all my moaning, I actually feel like I’ve lost a good 1kg after engaging in an hour of “boot camp”, courtesy of (might I add, waking up at 6:30am to do this was totally a Level 2 on the pain threshold. Hmmmm).

So this is what happened. About four of us (1 guy, 3 girls) congregated in a very cold and muddy part of Hyde Park to do sprints, squats, push ups and all those exercises which have you working muscles you never knew existed. Remember PE at school? Yea, it was kind of like that except back then we weighed alot less and used to do sprints for the joy of gaining a yellow paper certificate. Now, I might be inspired to run if a dozen tacos were at the end of the finish line WITH a cold glass of lemonade to wash it down. Sad but true (*How did it come to this???!*)



(pictures taken a few days earlier at a session in Green Park)


To make matters worse, I’d say 5 minutes in, I was knackered (shamefully so!) and after 40 minutes, I was doubled-over, panting like my life depended on it. Thankfully, this isn’t the military sort of boot camp where people shout you down – but you can tell Mo (and freeformfitness founder and personal trainer Sybille) don’t play, even if it’s to ensure it’s satisfaction guaranteed. And after speaking to some very happy participants at a bootcamp session that I watched a few days beforehand, I’d say people are getting their money’s worth and beach bodies to boot!



(My muddy hands. Yuck. Picture courtesy of @misskhart)


To wrap up, we hit the ground to do push ups and crunches – and seeing as I’m the prissy sort, I didn’t want to get my hands dirty. But I did, because as the instructor said, “It wouldn’t be bootcamp if you don’t get dirty!” and he was right. When all was said and done, I felt like my muddy trainers and jogging bottoms was one heck of an accomplishment for someone who’s now decided to trade in her gym pass for a couple more of these sessions – because if anything’s gonna give me a body like Rihanna’s, I believe it’ll be bootcamp (and did I mention they do free trial sessions? :-D).


For more information visit or call 07788 584 616.


(Thanks to Sybille and Mo for the workout! See you again soon!)

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