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Something you should do… Hendrick’s Unusual Month of Reverse Courtship

Ever thought how unfair it is that society dictates that the man should be the one to propose? Are you all loved-up after Valentine’s Day and wondering if you’ll have to wait another half century before you can finally announce that you are ‘betrothed’ to your darling dearest?

Well, fear not! Tradition has it that every Leap Year on February 29th, every respectable lady has free reign to send marriage proposals in any direction she likes. And what’s more, the man is not allowed to refuse it: Unless, that is, he wants to pay a hefty fine of 20 shillings.

Ok, so you might be thinking, ‘But isn;t this the year 2012  when a woman is entitled to do whatever she likes?!’ Indeed that may be so, but if you want to err on the side of caution, then the 29th is definitely your best bet. Likewise, if you’re a man then you might want to head to  for some tips from the nice people at  Hendrick’s Gin on how to avoid any such awkward scenarios from becoming more awkward than strictly necessary.

In order to help you further, Hendrick’s will also be running both The Ladies School of Nuptial Conquest and School for Scoundrels at the glam Lonsdale  in Notting Hill. Drop by on February 20th for a complimentary cocktail and what promises to be a night of raucous proposal-dodging amusement. Or register at to make your own right-on proposal at Hendrick’s Preposterous Proposal Throne at the end of this month.

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, you might just win a two night Hendrick’s Honeymoon at a luxury hotel in the UK (travel included) and wouldn’t that be simply marvellous?

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