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Metropolitans: Rohit Talwar, Advertising planner

Rohit Metropolitans The Cultural Exposé

I have…just finished my masters degree after being a copywriter for three years in advertising, and now I’m a wannabe planner in integrated advertising.

 The area in London I call home is…Brixton. It’s got its own O2, okay? I lived on Lambeth Palace Road for the longest time and apart from having Big Ben in my backyard, it was a quiet area with good access to a midnight meal which can be quite a trouble in this city. London has been incredible so far – it’s got art galleries, it’s a creative powerhouse and attracts the best talent from all over the world. What’s not to love?

 I’ve got to have a meal at… Moolis on Frith Street in Soho. These guys make up for the lack of good street food in London, while of course ensuring that I don’t forget what Goan pork tastes like.

 I tend to get my threads from… Pop Boutique. No one does retro clothing better than them. It’s right next to Forbidden Planet, but that’s besides the point. I also pick up stuff from Topshop and Uniqlo, because being a tiny thing limits the number of stores you can go to.

 To enjoy London’s nightlife, you should… take a walk across Camden, settle in for a few drinks at Proud and then walk all over the city looking for a hot meal. OR go to Walkabout near Embankment where pints go cheaper than most places following which you can take a stroll around the Thames. Nothing like those things to really see a mix of university students, couples, people with odd shoes, and lack of food, all in one place.

 If I was mayor, I would… make telephonic conversations on buses a strictly emergency-led affair for commuters.

 My favourite spot to check out art is… apart from Tate Modern, you mean? All those tiny gorgeous galleries in Shoreditch or even Graffik Gallery, Portobello Road.

 I’d kindly tell a tourist to…keep the camera off my face. And spend an entire day at  ScooterCaffè (Lower Marsh). There really is nothing like that place. And tell the tourists to not leave London until they’ve tried everything at Borough Market.

 The things I miss when I leave London are… reading/writing at ScooterCaffè, hiding my face from the tourist cameras while walking down Southbank.

 My soundtrack to London would include…

 Sisters of Mercy by Leonard Cohen – Because the writing on this song describes the love affair a person has with London. Off and on, there are moments of all kinds. The people one meets and sees everyday, the stories, everything.

England by The National – “Famous angels never come through England/ England gets the ones you never need/ You must be somewhere in London/ You must be loving your life in the rain” Enough said!

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles – Essentially because the infrequent, twelve minutes of sunshine (okay, fourteen minutes at times) deserve a celebration.

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