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Something you should do…take a cookery class

Akhaya cookery school The Cultural Exposé

My culinary experiments in the kitchen rarely end well. Although I dream of learning to cook like Nigella (one day!), the reality definitely falls short and my dishes could do with more inspiration. So for cultural and creative explorations in the kitchen,  I’ve found cookery classes could be the answer.

A city like London means it’s easy to learn national faves like Indian and Chinese (Jeremy Pang’s School of Wok comes highly recommended)   – but it’s also paved the way for Akhaya, London’s first cookery school dedicated to African cooking.  Recently featured on CNN,  it’s an ambitious venture considering this cuisine doesn’t usually fare well in the popularity stakes – but past students have boasted of  discovering tasty and exciting dishes from Morocco, Nigeria, and East Africa, in a beautiful, decked out kitchen in North London that also celebrates the cultures to the full.

Classes give students access to authentic ingredients and spices, takeaway dishes for the massive portions, as well as a goodie bag with  recipe cards and ingredients so dishes can be recreated at home.  And for beginners, there are ‘Introduction to…’ workshops which probably won’t make you the next Gordon or Jamie after one session – but for novices like me, it’s a good start. To learn more, Akhaya will have a free Taste of Africa open day on November 25th – click here for more info. (Words: Tosin Omilaju)

Q: Have you ever attended a cookery class?  Tell us all about it in the comments section below! 

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