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What we’ve been up to… Cottons

This Caribbean oldie but goodie in Camden comes of age with a dashing new look and a jazzed-up menu.
The USP: Cottons has been in the game for at least 30 years and it’s for this simple reason: they do tasty and authentic food that makes you feel right at home. And  if you’ve had enough of the sour service or  dubious food quality  you’ll get at any amount of Caribbean takeaways in London, this restaurant is a welcome relief.    Staff are lovely and remind you of the warm hospitality that would greet you if you were eating a million miles away in Jamaica; that they’re just on our doorstep suits us fine!


The food: Hearty, generous and extremely loving to the tastebuds. A recent 3-courser included the Island Mezze Platter, a cornucopia of island delicacies such as the moreish salt cod fritters, spicy creole shrimps and Trinadadian roti that is perfect for mopping up an aubergine caviar (which really, is more like a relish than anything fancypants). Elsewhere, Cotton’s version of Curry Mutton is rich and meaty with the right amount of spice – and the portions are big enough to justify a doggie bag.  We couldn’t fault the desserts either and if you want something pretty special, go for the apple crumble with rum custard, vanilla ice cream and candied pineapple. You’ll regret it if you don’t.


Budget: Pricier than you’d imagine but the large portions, good vibes – and might I add, mean rum cocktails –  make up for it, so a 3-course meal for two with cocktails weighs in at semi-reasonable £60-70.

Good for: Caribbean cuisine newbies, Tourists in the neighbourhood or a dependable mid-week dinner.

For more pics, check out our Tumblr.


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