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Something you should do… London Cab Tours

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When it comes to our fair capital, we’re a geeky bunch at GLP. So when the opportunity arose to spend a couple of hours in a taxi with a London- obsessed cab driver with a history degree, well we jumped at the chance. But then Graham Greenglass is no ordinary cabbie.

Graham has been running these tours for a good few years now, and his passion and knowledge of London speaks volumes when you’re in his back seat. A taxi driver by trade for 11 years,  Graham is beyond The Knowledge. He offers everything from tourist sight-seeing rides to London rock ‘n’ roll excursions and much more. But, keen to see what Graham had up his sleeve, we asked for something a little different.

We met on a Saturday afternoon at Charterhouse Square near Smithfields market, but rather than being a mere meeting point, it was a good 15 minutes before we even climbed into the taxi. If you are expecting a 2 hour dash across London with a running commentary as you whizz past famous landmarks, then think again. Graham likes to take his time, engage with you and explore the minutiae within the locations, often on foot but never more than a few yards from his vehicle.  With an encyclopedic knowledge of the history and stories of the backstreets and alleys, you spend as much time outside the taxi as in it. And it’s all the more fascinating as a result…

…To read the rest, click here to visit the site,  I know this great little place in London…

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