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Somewhere you should go… Dach & Sons, Hampstead

Dach & Sons

It’s easy to forget where you are when  you’re in Dach & Sons; the  downstairs restaurant  is as close anything you could hope to find this far left of New York. All burger sliders and chic surfaces, it’s the neon sign above the bar that really grabs your attention. As the light changes from red “Unlucky” to green “Lucky,  be ready to  scramble upstairs to ‘Flat P’. The host will guide you up the back staircase (which can feel like you’re doing something you vaguely shouldn’t) before leaving you at the unmarked door.

Dach & Sons

Speakeasy bars, of course, are nothing new, taking inspiration from the 1920s and 30s US prohibition laws, where  people were forced to head to clandestine back room bars in search of a little tipple. These days, speakeasies can be found in every major city in the world. Flat P is as genuine as you can get, and basks in candlelit darkness like an unattended, but gorgeously furnished, film set. Seating is sparse, with a choice of velvet benches or  bar seats, and the music runs towards 1930s war tunes rather than the latest top 10. In the halflight, the cocktail menu can be tricky to make out, but this is where the bartenders come into their own – they’re infinitely knowledgeable and give them a few keywords and watch them weave their magic. (Words: Charlotte Lydia) 

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