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Somewhere you should eat…Sketch, Mayfair

I love a good toilet. Always have. So imagine my delight when I visited Sketch for the first time back in 2005 and spent a penny. I was blown away – they are up there with the best I have ever seen. To reach them, you ascend a clinically white, curved staircase and are greeted by multiple ominous dinosaur egg structures – pods would probably be the best word. Each pod is filled with its very own soundscape – personal favourites being the round of applause and airport lounge announcements (I actually thought I could emerge in another place).

They actually do food here too – and ever since restauranteur Mourad Mazouz opened Sketch’s doors to the London glitterati 9 years ago, it’s been catering for us vegetarians and meat eaters alike with creative and occasionally palate challenging cuisine. I opted for the Spring starter that consisted of asparagus, fresh peas, and an unusually icey poached egg in the centre – accompanied with a side of sorrel sorbet (bonkers- but good). Next up was Udon and Tofu in a Miso broth, a classy complex dish which sounded a bit dull on paper but the liquer was quite something, hitting perfect notes of citrus and spice.

My fellow diner went for Lobster Bisque and halibut main (cooked to perfection). The dessert consisted of chocolate gateaux and sketch lemon. A little disappointing, particularly since the head chef is Pierre Gagnaire, (and we know the French are usually so good at puds). It’s not cheap, coming in at approximately £120 for two (3 courses and a bottle of wine). But you’re paying for more than the top end brasserie food. The atmosphere and surroundings are relaxed and quite friendly, there’s electronic music pumping in the background and a 360 degree video art installation playing around the dizzy heights of the dining room. There is also hand painted chairs by Julie Verhoeven. And lets not forget, those toilets as well. This is experience dining and the experience, as it happens, is quite good. (Words: Laura Thornley)

Price: £££££

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