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Somewhere you should eat…Bob Bob Ricard, Soho

Real foodies know that while certain dining hotspots might be more inclined to pull in the custom through tiresome gimmickry (celebrity chefs, bougie clientele, you name it…), sometimes it’s the more off-centre places that usually succeed in ticking the boxes of great food, ambience and customer service. Saying that, the decor of Bob Bob Ricard shouts proudly of trendy designer touches – not to mention the pink-suited waiters – but it’s eclecticism is merely a compliment to its tasty British cuisine, with a mild Russian inspiration. Lunch consisted of delicious potted shrimp (£10.75) and russian salad with shaved black truffle (£4.50), followed by the old bay crispy chicken with coleslaw (£17.50) – wholesome and delish – and a homemade sorbet, featuring a quirky combination of a blackcurrant, strawberry and surprisingly pleasing basil (£5.50). I shouldn’t forget to mention that I prepped my palate the Russian way, taking a shot of the most subtle vodka (chilled at -18c, £4.75-£11.50) – and feeling that once this dining experiences was over, I’d be only too eager to repeat it again. (Words: Matilda Egere-Cooper)

Price: £££££

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