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Somewhere you should eat… Banana Tree, Soho


I had to admire the chutzpah of the marketing guy who sent me, unsolicited, a pretty-generous gift voucher to spend at the newly-opened Soho branch of growing Indochine canteen chain Banana TreeWe would like to invite you personally to come and try out our new restaurant in Soho!” went the accompanying email; “If you like us, blog it! – if you hate us – let us know, as we are all about improvement and value all opinions, especially yours.”

Flattery will get you everywhere with me, and where it doesn’t get you bribery usually will, so an offer comprising both was always going to be pretty compelling. If I felt the slightest hint of righteous indignation at so flagrant an attempt to curry my favour, it was swiftly dispelled by the mischievous knowledge that even if I did love the place I didn’thave to write about it, and if I hated the place, I didn’t have to not write about it – the very opposite of their desired outcomes and more fool them for sending out money willy-nilly. Talk about sticking it to the (marketing) man.

But such an expensive and potentially risky marketing strategy must have been backed up by as much confidence in the product as money in the budget and sure enough, Banana Tree was, well, pretty top banana…

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