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Somewhere you should eat…da Polpo, Covent Garden

In much the same way as people are always ‘rushed’ to hospital and champagne is always ‘quaffed’, it’s seemingly impossible for Polpo, Russell Norman and Richard Beatty’s Beak Street restaurant (as if you didn’t know that) to be described as anything other than ‘wildly’ popular. I should know – mea culpa.

For many restaurateurs, such success would be enough, but there’s been no R&R for R&R who, in under two years, have gone on to open Polpetto on Dean Street and Spuntino on Rupert Street, as well as converting what was the private dining room at Polpo into a stylish Campari Bar. The latest addition to their burgeoning empire (do empires ever do anything but ‘burgeon’?) is da Polpo in Covent Garden, their first foray outside of Soho.

Despite what the name might suggest, da Polpo is more than just another branch of Polpo, although it’s certainly closest to the original site in character and size. Rather, it’s a combination of all the best bits of the other restaurants, with a couple of new details added due to popular demand….

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