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Four reasons why should fondue at The Lodge Clapham

Jimmy's Lodge Clapham

I’m 16 days into my Dry January / Death to Sugar / Eat More Greens detox diet – but all I can think about is cheese. Well, more precisely, the fondue I had at The Lodge Clapham a few months back. The ski lodge style restaurant knows how to do a good one along with a few other slick dishes – and it’s all courtesy of pop-up king Jimmy Garcia. Here are four reasons why you should visit once you’ve ditched the diet (which I’m so close to doing #prayforme):

It’s different

This cosy 60-seater has nailed the authentic decor – so if you’ve can’t splash out on that holiday to the Swiss alps, at least you can fake it in Clapham (I won’t tell if you don’t).

The food’s really good

The fondue’s the biggie here, but on our visit we were also loving sauteed green beans, the shallot fritters and the plum bakewell for afters.


You’ll get your money’s worth

You can either get a giant pot of fondue with all the trimmings (bread, potatoes, salad) for £24 per person – or there’s the £33 option that comes with a selection of side plates and the satisfaction that you’ll probably need to roll all way home. You’ll be stuffed.

It’s handy for south Londoners

It’s tucked away in a residential area but it’s quite a nice thing to find in a local neighbourhood down south.

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