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What we’ve been up to… Made in Brasil Boteco

A balmy Friday night in Brazil would probably lead you to the nearest “boteco” –  a bar where good drinks and snacks are ready and waiting for your custom. On these shores, it’s not too hard find that sort of thing in Camden, but this London tribute – which is the sister to the nearby Made in Brasil  – does an excellent job in honouring the culture. If we didn’t know any better, we’d be convinced we were hanging out in Rio de Janeiro judging by the great music, lovely service, delicious “pestiscos” (tapas) and beautiful, masterly cocktails. There’s plenty to choose from and if deciding between 12 varieties of cairpirinhas at £4.50 a pop doesn’t put you in a happy mood, the food certainly will.


On a recent visit, we worked our way through a beautiful, generous selection of dishes,  fragrant with mouth-watering spices. Our favourites were the “camarao alho e oleo”, a delicious serving of garlic chilli prawns; the “frango a passarinho”, crunchy, moreish chicken pieces served with a lime mayo; and the vegetarian “Abobrinha recheada” a delicately-flavoured dish of courgette stuffed with artichoke and mushrooms.


The desserts were just as impressive. A chocolate truffle (or “Brigadeiro”) was sticky and rich, packing a lot of flavour for such a modest serving.  At two quid each, we’d recommend going for a couple. And the passionfruit cheesecake (Cheesecake de maracuja) was tangy and lush, everything you’d expect of a worthwhile finale. So if you’re new to Brazilian food or wanted to get a taste of the culture, Made in Brasil Boteco should be on the hit-list. The great prices are a bonus!


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