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Nigerian fine dining at 805 in Peckham

People are usually surprised when I tell them my family is Nigerian – but yep, this Texas girl grew up in a Nigerian household, so I’ve been eating the rich and tasty food of my culture since knee high. Dishes like jellof rice were the best bit of “Naija” weddings, Egusi soup with eba was a Sunday delight, suya always reminded me of being stuck in Lagos traffic, and chin chin was a childhood snack that I’d still wax off to this day, despite being the naughtiest of carbs (and if those names mean absolutely nothing to you, check out this excellent breakdown of Nigerian dishes from Bim at Buzzfeed). So when my friend Jim said he always wanted to try jellof, we set a date to go to 805 in Peckham, the only place I know in London that does Nigerian cuisine to the standard my mom would approve of.

We went in: palm wine, suya (spicy beef), jellof, doh doh (fried plantain),  fried fish, chicken with tomato stew, pepper soup, edikangikong (vegetable soup), egusi (a melon soup) and pounded yam were shared among us, and by the end of the night, we were making Nigeria holiday plans for 2016 (!). It’s a cuisine that’s seriously underrated in the mainstream but it very rarely fails to impress – so kudos to 805:  you’re doing Nigerian food proud. Check out pics from last night’s dinner:

Welcome to Nigeria @jimstenmanldn ! ;-P

Palm wine selfie

Palm wine selfie (forgot to re-fill my glass)



Warming up with Suya

And pepper Soup. It could easily be my last meal – LOVE IT – even though it’s frustrating to eat #dontdotripe #wheresthemeatmeat?)

Salutes to Paul for attempting to eat egusi soup and pounded yam the “traditional” way

Jellof rice and chicken with stew – a winner, every. time.

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