Photos: Street Style, London Fashion Week (Brewer Street)

London Fashion Weekend guarantees two things:  creative fashion and the people wearing it. Here’s a few snaps of fashionistas I spotted around LFW’s new home on Brewer Street Car Park yesterday: I even caught a quick glimpse of an Isabella Blow look-alike (good shout Kate!)         _MG_1120 _MG_1132 _MG_1141 _MG_1148 _MG_1150 _MG_1160_MG_1173  _MG_1223

_MG_1260 _MG_1266

One thought on “Photos: Street Style, London Fashion Week (Brewer Street)

  1. Really love your blog, it’s a great insight to London living, and as a transplant from NYC I relate to your authenticity. One thing though, I might not be getting the British humour here, but isn’t Isabella Blow deceased? Pardon the pun, but that woman is a dead-ringer.

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