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Somewhere you should go… Pop Art Design at Barbican

Though October has just begun, we’re already looking forward to the 22nd,  when the Barbican launches a massive new show revealing the playful collision between the pop art tradition and world of design.  Pop Art Design is a comprehensive collection of artworks which make those bold statements the legendary genre was best known for when it emerged 50 years ago – so  there’s the provocative commentary on the cult of celebrity and consumerism, but it all goes beyond graphics and paintings to feature some of the designs, objects,  architecture and interiors inspired by the movement.

Gaetano Pesce, Moloch

Gaetano Pesce’s Moloch floor lamp, 1970-71

There’s over 200 works from 70 iconic and lesser known artists and designers including Andy WarholRoy Lichtenstein and Achille Castiglioni, and alongside the exhibition will be events, talks, tours, workshops and film screenings, all running up until February 2014.  For more info, visit:

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  • Don’t forget to download the free app that goes with the Pop Art Design exhibition – for info. Great as a gallery guide or just a way to see what the fuss is all about if you can’t go in person!

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