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Keep your New Year’s resolutions with


Don’t you just love a new year? When the clock strike 12 on January 1st, we feel it’s the chance to disregard last year’s woes and commit to a new way of living, whether that’s exercising more, eating better, visiting different cities, stepping up those finances, passing that driving test (!) or better yet, learning something new. But in the event you a) haven’t set any resolutions yet or b) already called it quits, never fear, dear reader. There’s still time to re-assess and make things happen, which is why checking out could be the answer.


Featuring over 20,000 classes, courses and all types of lessons nationwide, the site launched last December and offers a wide variety of things to do, which certainly suits us here at TCé. Want to learn Spanish? Take classes from just £10 an hour. How about calligraphy or the art of sushi making? Or like us, maybe baking or digital photography is more up your street. Whatever your flavour, you can set the search engine to the price you’d like to pay, how you’d like to learn (in a group or by yourself) and the day you’d like to do it, making it ideal for us busy Londoners.  And if you’re not sure of what you want to do, you can wishlist a course and share it with your fellow Facebook friends to get their opinion – or even get them onboard!


We’re hoping 2013 is a year where we’re discovering even more of what the capital has to offer and getting up to all sorts creative, so if you’re on the same wavelength and want to be inspired, here’s a great way to do just that (and tick off those resolutions!).

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