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Get snap-happy this Christmas

We think it’s fair to say Christmas is one of the most snap-happy times of the year.  In the next week, we’ll most likely be capturing the moments when a) your sibling gets that pressie they’ve been hinting at for ages b) your parents give you that pressie you might forward to a friend c) you’re deliriously content from eating way too much turkey and stuffing d) you’re sleeping off the turkey and stuffing – as well as every iconic moment that might have you whipping out your camera while your family say “cheese”.  But if you have a sharp shooter from Sony’s impressive and affordable range of digital cameras and camcorders, your photography might be that bit more inspired this season. For instance, you can get clever and capture close-ups of everything from Christmas tree decorations to that slap-up meal.  The Cyber-shot™ is one of those handy cameras that offers DSLR quality and a range of modes such as Aperture Priority (ideal for focusing on details), or Shutter Priority (if you want to show a bit of action in your shots).  Or you could head to the Christmas markets post-December 25th in the evening and capture some gorgeous low-light images.  The Cyber-shot™ is easy to carry around, and allows you to change lenses ensuring you can take a range of lovely pics that won’t fail to impress.   The photo opportunities are endless of course, but at least you know you can get the kind of pics you want with your camera and leave 2013 with a beautiful set of memories. For more photograph tips, check out and share the infographic below…


Top 10 tips to take beautiful Christmas photographs - Infographic

Courtesy of Sony

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