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Somewhere you should go… We love the 90s Film Festival

Oh the 90s, terrifyingly fresh in my memory to be a point of retrospection, I remember only too well the joy of Blossom, floppy hats, scrunchies and the unrelenting fun brought about by slap bands. Despite my fashion faux pas and some pop music crimes (see Barbie World courtesy of Aqua) apparently some folk found the nineties quite inspirational.

House Party
This intriguing pop up film  festival happening near the happening Portobello Road will showcase some of the most cult faves of the 90s. White Men Can’t Jump, Clueless and, everyone’s favourite, House Party are all there. But, this isn’t your ordinary film festival. Members of the creative community have handpicked all the films billed. Why? Because they were a source of inspiration that propelled them into their field.
Hosts include Damon, No.1 barber to Dizzie Rascal, the sartorial ACF – the most stylish men in London? – female rapper Ninja and top graphic designers Quirksville. All leaders in their field, they will present these cinematic moments from the 90s that influenced their work and gives insight into their practice. Each selector will play host at the screening of their chosen flick and give their personal insight into what makes these movies culturally significant.

White Men Can't Jump
The festival will take place on the consecrated ground of the Portobello ‘pop up’: a low cost digital cinema project made from recycled and reclaimed materials. Already well-known for its creative power – it got a mention in a Blur song don’t you know – this is sure to be a hot bed of inventiveness and brainwaves, all taken from the 1990s… fitting! (Words: Laura Thornley)
The festival runs on July 25-28. For more info visit: