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What we’ve been up to… The Perkin Reveller

When people ask me for restaurant tips, I’ll usually ask them to choose a category – First Date, Good For Solo Diners, Great For Birthdays, One for Yo Mama etc. If I was to categorise the Perkin Reveller, I’d probably put it under Venues that Effortlessly Impress. At least that’s how I felt on a recent invite to this classy brasserie that is merely a stone’s throw from the Tower of London and Tower Bridge and serves exceedingly good food.

The Reveller’s location is the obvious draw and as we’re sat inside, we can’t help but feeling like tourists in our own city, especially as we’ve never seen the Bridge from this angle before. The restaurant doesn’t shy away from themes that would impress tourist types either; there’s a medieval vibe going on in the interiors – and the Perkin Reveller‘s name is even a nod to The Canterbury Tales. But thankfully, there’s a balance between the old and the new, with a stunning, sparkly terrace that’s clearly a hit in the summer and a reasonably-priced menu taking quite a modern and stylish approach to fine dining.



For instance, the seasonal leek, white bean and bacon soup is almost too beautiful to eat, but it’s polished off within minutes, and followed by the most perfect steak I’ve had in months. It’s served with wild garlic and hearty sarladaise potatoes, a French classic.

Dessert is just as amazing – and while I imagined yoghurt and apple crumble would be a little awkward on the tastebuds, it’s actually a remarkable combination. Meanwhile, the burnt cambridge cream is pretty much an English twist on creme brûlée but is as authentic as it comes.

It’s always great to come across a restaurant that ticks so many boxes – the pricing won’t make your eyes water either – so there’s no doubt this lovely discovery will be one of my top recommendations for a while. For more information visit  Check out more pics from our recent visit below! 




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