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What we’ve been up to… El Pirata

In all the years I’ve gone out for tapas, I don’t think I’ve ever been blown away by such a beautiful array of dishes I recently worked my way through during a visit to El Pirata.

Located on the edge of Mayfair, this tiny spanish restaurant has been serving authentic tapas for over 20 years – and being in the game for two decades is clearly a testament to their reputation.

The menu boasts of lamb cutlets, chicken and chorizo, deep fried squid, Iberian ham, wild asparagus, lemon and garlic anchovies, you name it – and everything we tried tasted like the chef wanted you to experience Sunday dinner in his beachfront villa – and that TLC was also apparent in the stylish presentation of the food and warm customer service.




Mind you, If I had to pick one dish deserving of all the plaudits, it’d be the “langostinos al chef” – four grilled prawns served in a rich and tasty tomato and white wine sauce that deserved to be mopped up with copious amounts of bread afterwards.

I was also a big fan of the “calamares con arroz negro” – squid in black rice. As my friend warned, it’s not a dish for date night (our lips were tinted black), but the delicious flavours made it absolutely worth it.


Save the plane ticket to Spain and hit up El Pirata if you fancy genuine tapas that wins on all fronts.  For more information visit  – and check out more pics from our recent visit below!







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