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Somewhere you should eat…Made In Camden at The Roundhouse

Not sure what inspired the Roundhouse to tranform their old dinery into this stylish hangout, serving a minimalist menu of neuvo-continental fare, but whatever the reasons, they’re pretty much onto a winner.  Made In Camden  feels  like it’s been transplanted from the slicker side of East Village, New York (there’s American style booths and a  cool montage of Roundhouse gig posters plastered on a wall), but there’s nothing typical  about the food.  While you might find fries (when I first came to MIC, they seemed to reluctantly appear  on the menu as  Fried Potatoes) , there’s no sarnies (not even a panini) and the rest of the menu seemas inspired by fine dining, without being too pricey.

Their lunch special – the £10 hearty lunch – is a great opportunity to sample their main  dishes, along with a very  rich and superb pea and wild garlic soup with chilli oil and creme fraise, and a choice of one side  (cous cous, fries or salad) or a selection of breads.  The list of small dishes  are pretty eclectic and creative (although I was mildly fearful of the wild pigeon) and I opted for the seared tuna, lightly wrapped in the wafer-thin, almost crisp like brik pastry, served with spring greens and yuzu aoili.  Two words: Good heavens.  The tender slabs  melt in the mouth, further enhanced by a relish of a creamy condiment dotted on the plate.  But be warned – if you choose the artisan bread  to go along with it, you will be full – too full – and is almost a meal in itself.  That, though, is only a tiny quirk, for a very memorable – and dare I say award-winning –  lunch.  (Words: Matilda Egere-Cooper)

Price: £££££

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