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Somewhere you should eat… Cinnamon Soho

Cinnamon Soho Balls

One of the very first restaurants I wrote about when I started the TwelvePointFive blog was The Cinnamon Club, chef Vivek Singh’s magnificent haute Indian in Westminster. Since then I’ve eaten out countless times and that meal still stands out in my mind as being one of the best.

Expectations were understandably high then when I went along to try out Cinnamon Soho, the second, newly-opened casual offshoot of the SW1 original (the first, which I’ve not been to, is Cinnamon Kitchen in the City). As he’d been my date for that first memorable meal at The Cinnamon Club, best friend Anders was the obvious and only choice to come with me.

Located in a somewhat dark, fairly bland but inoffensive two-floor site on Kingly Street, home to both the estimable Wright Bros and execrable Fornata among others, Cinnamon Soho isn’t without competition for the stomachs and wallets of the price- and quality-conscious diners it’s aiming to attract. Based on what we ate, Vivek Singh isn’t taking the competition lightly, because there’s some seriously brilliant food coming out of the kitchen…

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