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Something you should see… Summer Screen Prints: Film Poster exhibition at Somerset House

So the Film4 Summer Screen at Somerset House is preparing for lift off, and as always it happens, tickets have sold out in a flash. Never fear,  as something great is on the horizon (no, not a free ticket I’ve been keeping up my sleeve). The summer films will all be getting a reinterpretation of their cinematic selves by some top leading printmakers – and these movie -nspired masterpieces will be going on sale for you to take home and ‘watch’ to your heart’s content.

The roll call of screenings this year is pretty epic and the artists lined up to evoke their spirit, even better. The printing this year is done by Print Club London based in Dalston so expect some edgy stuff. Films include Mad Max II, Big Trouble in Little China, The Royal Tenenbaums, Rosemary’s Baby, Ghostbusters and Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe.


Concepcion Studios’s The Royal Tenenbaums

The artists, in most instances, already have a penchant for their genre. Mat Pringle takes on Rosemary’s Baby. Already well-known for his horror-style ink work,  he has previously created artwork for the Holy Horror Trinity screening of Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Shining and Halloween at Somerset House. Other artists include Cassandra Yap who takes on the Monroe classic, while Lucille Clerc re-imagines the recent Best Foreign film Oscar winner, The Great Beauty. Concepcion Studios reworks the already incredibly-styled The Royal Tenenbaums and Kate Morross stamps her love of colour and freeform lettering all over Hairpsray.

The prints go on sale for a bargain price of £45 and the exhibition will be open for the period of the summer screenings. So who needs a ticket when you have inspired artworks and a vivid imagination?! (Words: Laura Thornley)


From 31 July – 25 August 2014. For more info visit:


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