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Somewhere you should go… Ready, Steady, Colour

Camden is an area known partially for its bustling market, full of bright lights, loud noises, and happily, the smell of tasty food being made all over. There are street stalls of grilled meats and tasty fried snacks along with rows of restaurants offering tastes from all over the world. One restaurant, though, might catch your eye this season. In Unit 3 at the Camden Lock Market, you’ll find a restaurant that doesn’t serve dinner. Or lunch. Or breakfast. It does offer takeaway, but you’re not likely to settle a rumbling tummy this way.

Pic: Rosalind Butt

This is the home of Ready Steady Colour, a pop-up theatrical event by the artist and theatrical designer, Anna Bruder. Walk inside the restaurant, and you’ll find a decorative scheme of bold, crayon lines and lots of empty white spaces. This isn’t coincidence—the guests are meant to supply the colour! Sitting down to a café table, the staff brings out your meal in a decidedly flatter version than you might be used to at other restaurants. Instead of how you’d like your steak cooked, you can decide what colour you’d like your chicken to be! After you’ve completed (colouring) in your meal, the staff will wrap it all up for you to bring home, maybe more for the wall than the fridge.
Like most friendly restaurants, walk-ins are welcome but bookings are encouraged. The “restaurant” will be open from Wednesday, 18th December through Sunday, 22nd. All mains are £6 per plate and reservations can be made by emailing Anna at

For more info, visit:

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