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Something you should see… David Breuer-Weil: Project 4

David Breuer-Weil

Whether you know David Breuer-Weil for his monumental paintings, or for his equally oversized sculptural work that ‘emerges’ from the lawns of Hanover Square, he’s an artist who is beginning to receive significant attention. The fourth instalment of his ‘project’ series goes on view at The Vaults under Waterloo Station from February 7th and if the other three projects are anything to go by, it’s going to be epic.

David Breuer-Weil

Made up of around 70 paintings plus a few sculptures, Breuer-Weil falls firmly in the ‘prolific’ category. His previous ‘projects were similarly packed to the rafters. The first project in 2001 was in the crypt of the Roundhouse. The second came shortly after in 2003, taking place in the Bargehouse on the South Bankand, and  in 2007, Project 3 was held in a disused multi-storey car park in central London. As the projects have progressed so have their themes and styles. The use of unorthodox spaces fits well with his style and the enormity of each individual canvas. A sense of place, cause and a hint of spirituality have permeated his work since the mid-1990s. Explosions of colour and repetition feature heavily while hints of realism mix with his iconic dreamscapes to weave a complex political history – one he often draws on his own personal Jewish background for. It may not surprise the viewer to hear that Breuer-Weil spent of his working years tucked away in the Impressionist and Modern Art section of Sothebys.

David Breuer-Weil

Project 4 is to be housed in the atmospheric vaults of Leake Street and will serve to add to the theatre and eerie feel of the show. The venue is a perfect backdrop in which to explore our very human preoccupations with territory, belonging and politics. So as an eccentric and cinematic exhibition, it will be sure to impress. (Words: Laura Thornley)

Project 4 is showing from 7th February – 24th March. For more info visit:


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