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Something you should see… Le Cirque Invisible

Le Cirque Invisible has all the wonder of a Renaissance fair that has conveniently been squeezed onto a stage at the Southbank Centre. The show is a collection of short sketches that include magic, puppetry, acrobatics, music and imagination that’s sure to dazzle and enchant audiences alike.

The most striking element of the show is the pure richness of it. The details and effort that must have gone into making the costumes alone is fascinating in itself. Then when coupled with the talent of Jean-Baptiste Thiérrée and Victoria Chaplin (your unusual and amazing entertainers for the evening) the entire thing is captivating. It’s even enjoyable to simply marvel at how the stars manage to change so quickly!

Thiérrée’s performance is reminiscent of watching an eccentric but beloved uncle entertain the kids at Christmas lunch. The difference here is that Thiérrée is a gifted magician with a mischievous sense of humour while the highlight of your uncle’s show would’ve been keeping the 50p he pulled from behind your ear. Where Thiérrée is open and cheeky, his co-star Chaplin is coy and mysterious. She’s a graceful and powerful performer who can transform costumes into creatures and back again.

The playful performances and countless oddities that make up Le Cirque Invisible offer a delightful and intriguing experience that is like falling down the rabbit hole. Oh, and the rabbits make an appearance too! (Words: Beth Downey)

 On until August 21. For more info, visit