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What we’ve been up to… The Eden Project, Cornwall

The Eden Project, The Cultural Exposé

You don’t need to be a naturist, gardener or lover of Horticulture to be impressed by this countryside spectacle; open since 2001, the purpose of The Eden Project has been to give visitors an insight into a world that’s been untainted by the consequences of contemporary living, while educating on where our resources comes from and the importance of conservation. So walk through enormous outdoor biome and you’ll see crops used for food, medicines and materials – and if you can bear the 30 degree heat of the rainforest biome, a quick climb to the top of the Rainforest Lookout offers such a stunning view of  waterfall and exotic gardens it’s enough to have you planning your next holiday abroad.

The Eden Project, The Cultural Exposé

Elsewhere, the Mediterranean biome features fragrant, walk-through displays from areas such as South Africa and California, and you can even enjoy a Med-inspired meal in the themed cafe – but it’s the outdoor site  that’s closer to home, with its beautiful gardens, crop plots that feed the world and the WEEEman – a gigantic structure made from the 3.3 tonnes of “Waste, Electrical and Electronic Equipment” one person will throw away in a lifetime (yikes).

The Eden Project, The Cultural Exposé

Of course, there’s more to Eden then just thought-provoking sites, and if you’re into your music,  an outdoor series of gigs called the Eden Sessions  runs annually – and this year, you can check out Chase & Status on July 4th and Plan B on July 6th.

So the next time you head to Cornwall for a break from the city, a visit to this remarkable project is a must – if only to see the possibilities of living an organic, environment-conscious lifestyle.

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