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Calling all hip and arty teachers! Fancy a weekend in the Garden of England?

If you’ve been visiting The Cultural Exposé long enough – and I’m sure you have – you know we often get itchy feet and nomadic urgings to flee the madness of our beloved LDN, hop on a train, and hop off wherever we feel like. And we haven’t done too badly on the national travelling front this year either, with Cambridge, The Isle of Wight, Brighton, Northamptonshire, Cornwall, Leicester and Bradford being among our most random destinations. However, one place we haven’t visited yet (but heard great things about) is Kent, the pretty little county that’s merely 35 minutes away from London by rail and renowned for its gorgeous gardens and surroundings, historical sites (they’ve got castles!) and of course, the lovely coastline and beaches. Kent County Council Schools know they’ve got a good thing going too and are now running a Facebook competition called My Perfect Kent Day for anyone in the teaching profession who’s ever thought about visiting and discovering all it has to offer.

Interested parties simply have to submit a short story summarising what their  ‘ideal’ lifestyle would be like it  if there were living and teaching in Kent, and they can win a luxurious, all-expense paid weekend to experience the reality. The best stories will be shortlisted and put out to the public to vote on their favourite – and the story that receives the most votes win.   Sounds kinda amazing we think (especially if you’ve flirted with the idea of relocating – even for the sake of getting that work/life balance in check, know what we mean?) so click here to enter the competition and discover why this could be one lifestyle opportunity for the better. Good luck!

This is a Sponsored Post on behalf of Kent County Council Schools


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