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Something you should see…The Veteran

How would you react to life after the military? Punch walls with a lonely frustration perhaps? This is exactly what lead character Robert Miller does in the latest British film, The Veteran.

After serving time in the Middle-East, Miller (Tony Kebbell) returns to his estate in London, finding it difficult to adjust to everyday life. His need for work is paired with protecting Fahad (Ivanno Jeremiah), a friend whose younger brother idolises estate gangster Tyrone (Bashy). Soon enough, fellow veteran, Danny, brings Miller in on a sudden mission to crack down on suspicious terrorist activity in the city.

Although the movie’s blunt, two-word title may give the impression of a continuously action-packed flick, this is quite the opposite. Scenes of fighting are sparse, leaving the depth of the storyline and the use of suspense, to make up the main body of The Veteran. The need to pay close attention to the plot makes this movie interesting and soundly realistic of what a veteran, covering a terrorist operation in London, could experience. Adding to the quality of the dialogue, there are two speeches that hint to the audience, about the often disputed conspiracy behind the ‘war on terror’.

The film’s only noticeable weakness comes closer to the end, as the penultimate scene falls somewhat far fetched. The Veteran is ideal for those who enjoy paying attention to storylines, with a little adrenaline rush thrown in on occasion. (Words: Aaron-Spencer Charles)

In cinemas April 29th.

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