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Somewhere you should eat… Bread Street Kitchen, St Paul’s

Bread Street Kitchen The Cultural Exposé

Say what you like about Gordon Ramsay – and boy oh boy, people do – but while he’s had a few hits and misses in recent years, and been in the public eye more for his extra-culinary activities than for anything he’s done at a stove, his roll-call of restaurants and protégés is undeniably impressive.
His flagship Restaurant Gordon Ramsay in Chelsea remains one of just four in the UK to hold three Michelin stars and he retains one star at both Petrus and Maze. Meanwhile, chefs who came to prominence under Ramsay – Angela Hartnett, Marcus Wareing, Mark Sargeant and Jason Atherton – have harvested stars and critical acclaim in their own rights and whatever the degree of acrimony with which they might have parted ways with Gordon, none of them denies his influence.
Mindful perhaps of the restaurant-going (and wider) public’s ambivalence to their nominal figurehead, Gordon Ramsay Holdings seem to have played down his involvement in Bread Street Kitchen. His name is nowhere to be found on any of the branding or menus, and unlike all of his other restaurants, BSK has its own website (the others just have sub-sections on which tellingly describes the new venture as being ‘from the team at Gordon Ramsay Restaurants’ rather than from the man himself. No matter; there’s plenty to recommend about the place whoever’s name is – or indeed, is not – above the door…

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