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Somewhere you should go… Vogue Festival


Stella McCartney, Tim Walker and Natalia Vodianova are just some of the fashion designers, photographers and models to be joining the roll-call of bigwigs in the industry at Vogue Festival 2012. The event is to be hosted by Vertu, the high-end mobile phone maker, and the fashion bible itself for the first time ever.

Vogue Festival is held at the plush Royal Geographical Society over a period of 2 days, during which fashion enthusiasts can get a glimpse of another world with a series of informal talks and panel discussions.

Expect to be engaged in hot discussions on speculative topics such as ‘does fashion have an age limit?’ and ‘is it all about red carpet?’. A wide-range of fun activities will also be on offer for visitors, including make overs, photoshoots, trend talks and fashion films. A limited-edition T-shirt is designed by Mulberry for the festival too.

London Fashion Week aside, Vogue Festival seems just likely to be the next best thing in fashion events. So one sure hope it becomes an annual tradition.Tickets can be purchased online per session at £75 per person, there are a total of 4 sessions divided into mornings and afternoons over the course. (Words: Li-Yin Soh) 

Vogue Festival will be held from  April 20th – 21st 2012 in London. For more information, visit

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