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Somewhere you should go…Tongue Fu at the Rich Mix, June 30th

After a day filled with London traffic, noisy iPods, and the  uncensored  discussion of schoolchildren on your way to work, the last thing you would want to do is listen to more racket and clamor! (The little tolerance left should surely be devoted to good ol’ Eastenders). However, the time has come to abandon this BBC ONE ritual – for one night, as least – and head to ‘Tongue Fu’ at the Rich Mix. It seeks to provide a more original, if not more satisfying, type of entertainment for your Thursday night. The line-up includes the regular BBC radio 4 guest Elvis McGonagall (pictured), and former SlamBassador, ‘Anthony Anaxagorou’ – so expect proverbial musings and feathery humour, laced with soundtracks played by the Tongue Fu live band. The Guardian has certified the night as “poetry, but not as you know it”, so if those horrible memories of incomprehensible sonnets arise whenever the word ‘poetry’ crops up, it may be worth attending this spoken word night on June 30 to change your mind. (Words: Monique Todd)


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