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Metropolitans: Teresa Chan, research analyst

I have…lived in London pretty much all my life. People grumble about it but I think it’s the best city in the world. There’s always so much to do – you can’t ever get bored.

The area in London I call home is…west London. West is where my heart is but I’m thinking of moving over to east because that’s where I go out most of the time.

I’ve got to have a meal at…Goodman in Mayfair. It’s a steak restaurant. They do the best venison you’ll find in London.

I tend to get my threads from…websites, like ASOS or, because I’m still at work when all the shops have closed. If shops in London opened until midnight, that would be great!

To enjoy London’s nightlife you should…go east. I’ve only ever been to 93 Feet East once but I love the fact they let you dance on tables.

If I was mayor I would…allow more street parties.

My favourite spot to check out art is…on the streets of London: down random alleyways, disused underground stations and near Waterloo. I know some people find street art and graffiti offensive but I find it brightens up the city.

I’d kindly tell a tourist to…stop stopping in the middle of the street. And when you get off the Tube, please move away from the doors.

The things I miss when I leave London are…the food. The first thing I do when I come back from holiday is make a cup of tea and find the nearest fish and chip shop.

My soundtrack to London would include…Eagles of Death Metal,  “Don’t Speak I Came to Make A Bang”. It’s so full of energy and always gets me going.

(Interview: Rachel Segal Hamilton)

Rachel Segal Hamilton

Rachel Segal Hamilton is a freelance writer, blogger and editor with an MA in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths, University of London. Her work has been published on, in the Independent on Sunday, the British Journal of Photography, Don’t Panic and Catch 22 Magazine, among others.

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